Happy New Year …

New site. New blog. 🙂

I realized that since I’m fiddling with things live, I should at least say “Hi!” while I muck around. There will be links to my old work, new work, drafting work, and kitchen play. Until then lots of brokenness!


Kekri is in 3 days, but since I’ll be attending a wedding (a new beginning for the new year!), I will just link to an old Kekri post of mine if you care to read about why I seem to have my holidays mixed up. As an update, apparently Kajaani has been celebrating Kekri since 2001 so at least one official harvest festival is happening again this year. I swiped the 2014 pukki image from there. Thanks Kajaani and YLE photographer Jouni Pilto!

– Saara